4 Ways to Bring Summer Into Your Home

Summer has arrived! Now is the time to think about getting your home Summer ready with soft touches.

  1. Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are a quick and oftentimes inexpensive way to add some more color to any room or outdoor space in your home. With summer here, this is a fun way to incorporate exciting colors, textures, and patterns in your home. Here are some of our favs right now!


Wavy texture

Texture Blue

White texture

  1. Fresh flowers – in and out of the house

Fresh flowers are another great way to add color to a room or outdoor space. Whether you have a garden or want to start one, adding fresh flowers to your home can also make the space smell fresher. Which can bring the happiness of summer into your home! If you don’t feel like planting a garden, then pick up a bouquet the next time you’re at your local grocery store or farmers market!

  1. Rotate decorations and artwork

Spruce up an area by rotating the artwork in your home! Take the lamp in your basement living space and maybe add it to your bedroom or kitchen. Maybe there is a nice painting in your living room that you want to switch out for the one in the foyer. This is an inexpensive way to change up some of your most favorite rooms. We have an on-site designer that can help provide design consultations.

  1. Make a decorative wreath for your front door

Another fun way to incorporate a ‘Summer’ feeling to your house would be to create a wreath for your front door. With a little extra time on your hands, and a quick run to the craft store, you can make a welcoming wreath from your front door as well as the other entrances or fences at your home. And, if you don’t have time for that, pick one up at your local home goods store



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