Of all the things to do to prepare your home for sale, staging is one of the most stressful. Suddenly, you see every room in a whole new light – or not enough lighting, depending on which room you are in! There are so many ways you can get your home ready to be seen and judged by strangers so it is important to enlist help in the process. Simplify your selling process with these 9 home staging tips!

  1. Less is More: Every room in your home is going to be under review and it is important to clear our clutter. Approach this with one thing in mind: De-layering each room so they feel open and breathable. Some quick tips to get you started:
  • Remove most items from tabletops, counters, and any other surfaces. One well-placed, appropriately sized piece is perfect.
  • Minimize the wall décor to a couple select choices that can be visually anchored to furniture, such as a showcase piece above the couch.
  • Remove thick, dark rugs from the floor and replace with lighter, thinner versions. If you have carpet, do not put any rugs down at all.
  • Replace those blackout curtains with lightly filtered curtains that can brighten up the room.
  • Remove most items from closets. Leave only what highlights different features. For example, with built-ins, place a few items in each section to exemplify use.
  • Employ only enough furniture in each room to tell its story and ensure it fits the space. One bed, one dresser, two nightstands, and one settee may be all you need for the master bedroom.

The decluttering effort will most likely result in you having to pack items away but at least you are getting a start on it now! Before storing it in the garage or basement, think about this: stacks of crates, furniture, and rugs can go a long way in making a perfectly usable room seem bereft. It might just be worth renting a temporary storage unit to hide it all away.


  1. Pay Attention to Lighting: The quality of lighting in rooms can have a significant impact on how they feel. Let in natural light when possible. Some areas of the home are more difficult, such as bathrooms, finished basements, and other interior rooms. Use floor and table lamps to provide light and that warm, fuzzy feeling.


  1. Go Neutral: When choosing which items to stage throughout your home, try to be as neutral as possible. Every personal style is unique – yours is no different! Make sure each room feels welcoming to everyone. The same can be said about remaining neutral, particularly in places such as the bedrooms.

Do not underestimate the importance of staging your home when you put it on the market

Neutral Staging to Welcome Buyers

  1. It is Nothing Personal: Your family pictures make a house feel like your home; buyers feel the same way. It is difficult to picture yourself in a home that is filled with someone else’s memories, so try to tone down the personal mementos. Keeping a few frames won’t turn anyone away, though – especially if they are in strategic positions like the playroom.


  1. If It is Seen, Keep it Clean: Maintaining the cleanliness, smell, and allergen levels in your home will test your patience when you are selling. Just one more reason to follow the “less is more” approach when you are constantly picking up, dusting, and wiping the walls before the next showing. But a clean home is a sold home – your Malfer & Associates’ agent can discuss options with you.


  1. Highlight Great Features: Do you have a gorgeous kitchen? A stunning outdoor living space? Amazing crown molding? Highlight your home’s unique selling points with the right layout to bring those features to life. For example, consider clearing the way to the outdoor living space, so it can have a big impact before potential buyers even make it outside.

home staging tips

Highlight Important Features Around the Home


  1. Balance Curb Appeal and Maintenance: It is true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. But if that impression includes the thought, “How am I ever going to keep up with this?” then you might be unintentionally scaring away prospective buyers.

When updating the outside of your home, be sure to include low-maintenance plants and flowers. Touch up paint on shutters and clean the outside of your windows. Also, do not overlook the small details, like a swept doormat.


  1. Utilize Every Space: When looking at homes, buyers are considering how every square foot can be used. Have a small bedroom? Stage it as a nursery or office. Are there any small nooks or crannies that seem useless? Ask your agent how it can be transformed into usable space.


  1. Match the Feel: This tip applies to both the décor in your home and the set up of your outdoor space. For example, if your home is a contemporary style but you have very modern furniture, this could throw buyers off when the walk through the door. The same can be said for outdoors. Is your neighborhood close to a hip and funky part of town? A fireplace and a few Adirondack chairs feel more in place than a kiddie pool.

Staging a home can be a very stressful process – but not if you work with Malfer & Associates. Our thorough 5-step approach to preparing your home for sale takes the weight right off your shoulders, including our complimentary staging services. We ask the right questions, determine the best process, make the needed improvements, advertise to the correct buyers, and put all the finishing touches in place so your listing is sold without a hitch. When it is time for your home to go up for sale, contact Malfer & Associates for your very own in-home consultation!





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