Happy National Ice Cream Month! 

July is the perfect month to deem ice cream month because all across the country, the temperature is turning up and all we want to do is cool down. And, what is a better way to do that than having an ice cream cone in hand?

KC is home to some of the best local ice cream shops. We want to highlight some of our favorites in hopes you stop by, share your smile, and come for a cone or cup! Whether you prefer something full of fruit, covered in chocolate, on a stick, in a cone, or sprinkled with love, there is something for you at each of these KC creameries. 

The first stop on our list is…

The Fairway Creamery

Located in Fairway, KS just about 10 minutes from Prairie Village is the home of one of our favorite local ice cream shops. Whether you’re feeling a dipped cone, a donut, or a killer sundae, these guys run the show. Be sure to ask for their homemade caramel balls on top of your cream. You won’t regret it! 

The Scoop at Martin City 

Visiting KC just for the summer and in hopes that this little shack sticks around awhile is Scoops. This ice cream hut is owned and operated by Martin City Brewery (another KC fav). It is located near their original restaurant storefront in the heart of Martin City. These scoops are perfect, handmade, and new flavors are featured everyday. And, what’s better than a perfect scoop of your favorite ice cream?


This place has it all! Do you want ice cream or froyo? A shake or a malt? What about an ice cream cookie sandwich or even a parfait? You pick the flavor, the topping, and how ya wanna eat it! Cone, cup, straw, or spoon. Either way, you’ll be in heaven. 

Sylas and Maddies

Next up on our list is Sylas and Maddies. Known for their homemade ice cream and many mixes, this place needs to be on your regular ice cream run. On the West side of the metro area, stop by their Olathe location or travel even further west to Lawrence to pick up a scoop (or two!). 

Betty Rae’s 

If you’re into funky flavors, you ought to check this place out. You walk in the double doors and it looks like ice cream is all over the walls. You’re immediately surrounded by fun colors and flavors. And, they have the best homemade ice cream sandwiches and waffle cones. You know it’s one of the best places in KC because every time you drive by, there is a line about a mile long hanging out those doors. Just from that, you better know it’s good! 

If you aren’t a fan of your regular ice cream, maybe you should opt for some custard instead. Two KC native shops have some of the best custard you’ll ever have.

Twisters – 135th Antioch 

This ice cream shop has a walk up window and the sweetest seating area so you can enjoy a cup of their custard at any time of the day! You can create your own mix of favorites or pick from their list of professionally picked blends. One of our all time favs is the Carmel Cashew Crunch concrete. It has the perfect amount of sweetness, saltiness, and crunch! 


Another KC custard shop with some of the best concretes in town. And, if you don’t want to eat it with a spoon, you can even suck it out of a straw! They also have the best shakes and malts. Full of flavor, nice and cold, these guys know how to make ice cream. And, they do it good. 

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