It’s important to plan ahead for those unexpected winter storms. As we head into the colder months of the year, here are a few items to have on hands in case of an emergency.

Water – In case your water goes out, it’s crucial that you have backup. At least 1 gallon per day for each person and pet is recommended by the CDC.

Snow shovel


Power source – A generator is your best option, but if you don’t want to break the bank look for alternatives like portable phone chargers or something battery powered to keep your electronics charged up.

Food – It’s best to get non-perishable food items so that you don’t have to worry about refrigerating them. Make sure you have enough food for your pets too!

Flashlight and extra batteries

First aid kit – Bandages, antibiotic ointment, thermometer, antiseptic wipes are just a few things you should have in your first aid kit.

Stock up on toiletries 

Heat – Make sure you have other ways to heat your home in case of a power outage, like a fireplace.

Full tank of gas – Try and fill your tank prior to the storm just in case the pumps shut down.

Extra medicine

Radio – In case you need to listen to any emergency information.

Entertainment – Keep a supply of books, board games or anything else that can keep you entertained during a power outage.


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