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4 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready


4 Tips to Get Your Home Fall Ready

4 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Fall

First comes Summer, then comes Fall! We usually crave the heat and once it’s around a little too long, we are ready to move on. Luckily, Fall is just around the corner and it’s coming at the perfect time. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to spruce up your space to welcome some cooler weather, changing leaves, and other fall festivities! 


Decorate your outdoors. Add pumpkins, hay bales, and mums on your front porch or back patio to spruce up your outdoor decor. A fun way to add different colors to these spaces is by picking unique looking pumpkins. Whether they are orange, white, green, or yellow, these muted colors will make for a natural-looking living space. Along with the funky pumpkins, pick out mums that bloom to match the color scheme of your outdoor living space and the pumpkins. Each of these pieces of decor are a great way to show off some fall colors throughout your outdoor living space. 

Light some candles. The best way to bring fall from the outdoors into your home is by bringing fall scents into your home. We find that the freshest way to do this is with candles! Head to your local home decor store and search for scents such as pumpkin spice, maple, cinnamon, apple, or pecan. Bringing Fall scents into your home will guarantee some extra coziness. 

Add throws. Another way to add some coziness into your home is by adding different throw blankets on the back of your couches and chairs. Not only does this add comfort to your home, but it is a good way to incorporate new colors and seasonal patterns without buying new, bigger pieces of furniture. 


Rework your space. As the year passes, sometimes we crave a little change! With that being said, spend an afternoon or even just a couple hours reworking your space. Move the couch and chairs around in your living space, find a new wall for the TV, or even switch some decor up between rooms. This is a great way to repurpose and elevate your space. 

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