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A Day in the Life of a Realtor


A Day in the Life of a Realtor

What it’s like to be a Realtor

No two days are ever the same in the life of a real estate agent, but that’s what makes the profession so fun and rewarding. At Malfer & Associates, we love handling the hard work and the millions of details that go into buying or selling so our clients can enjoy all the benefits! Read on to see what a typical day might include.

Researching Homes to Buy

Finding the perfect home for buyers can be arduous, especially in a tight housing market. We often start the day checking “coming soon” listings available during the Pre-MLS stage. We also connect with our vast network of local real estate agents to see if they have any off-market listings that might be a fit. In fact, our team matched 26 homebuyers and home sellers on properties before the homes even hit the market in 2022 thanks to our connections!  Both of these strategies are available only to licensed agents and demonstrate the importance of having a qualified team involved in your home search. Of course, we also scour the newest entries hitting the market publicly, make inquiries, and schedule showings and tours for our buyers.

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Preparing Homes to Sell

Selling a home is a complicated process with hundreds of moving parts. In the pre-listing phase, we’ll analyze comparable sales to set the listing price, prepare marketing strategies and timelines, and plan home preparations.

If the property needs updating, we discuss the changes that will deliver the most impact for potential homebuyers and refer clients to our extensive list of preferred vendors. The costs involved with updates and renovations are less stressful with Compass Concierge available to cover upfront costs with no additional fees or interest charges.

To ensure each listing makes the best possible impression, the Malfer & Associates team offers complimentary staging and professional photography that really make our homes stand out.

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Spending Time with Clients

At Malfer & Associates, we pride ourselves on delivering attentive, hands-on customer service. We love spending time with clients, and much of our days are spent meeting potential new homebuyers and sellers or chatting with existing clients about the state of their transactions. We visit showings and open houses with our buyers and are always available to our sellers. The most exciting days are when we have final walkthroughs and closing meetings, meaning the process has reached its successful conclusion for our clients.

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Behind the Scenes

So many details and tasks happen behind the scenes of a real estate transaction, so a day in the life of a realtor might include preparing an endless array of paperwork, managing an extensive database of contacts, attending to our continuing education or overseeing the marketing of our team, so we continue to be top of mind among local buyers and sellers.

There are many more elements involved in a real estate transaction than clients ever realize, and that’s how we like it to be. The more we’re handling seamlessly for clients, the more they can enjoy tackling the most significant investment of their lives and finding the perfect new home. If we can help make your next home search or sale an effortless success, please be in touch.