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Client Testimonial


Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Our client shares their exceptional experience working with Malfer & Associates agent, Tamara

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Video Transcription:

Speaker 1:
We met Tamara at an open house on, um, a cold Sunday afternoon. And she was very friendly
and had a lot of information for us. And so I called her in a few days and we got started. Tamara
was always energetic and positive and helped us work the through what was going on in the
market that Philip had a lot of fear about having to do multiple offers and manage through the
current real estate market. And she helped us get through that and we didn’t even have to get
into competitive bidding on our house. So we were excited about that.

Speaker 2:
Malfer met us at every level of this process. From beginning to end, we were always satisfied.
Tamara was such a positive influence on at every level that we felt extreme, comfortable with. It.

Speaker 1:
We’re grateful that we work with Malfer so that we could, uh, realize our dream of finding our
permanent home. Um, and we love our home in our neighborhood.

Speaker 2:
We call it our forever home. Yes.