2023 Design Style: Five Trends You're Sure to See in the New Year
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2023 Design Style: Five Trends You're Sure to See in the New Year


2023 Design Style: Five Trends You're Sure to See in the New Year

2023 Design Style: Five Trends You’re Sure to See in the New Year

New year, new style! We’re kicking off the new year by looking at the interior design trends experts expect to see in the coming months. If you have a space in need of a makeover, one of these five style forecasts will add a welcome update to your home.

1. Monochromatic mania gives way to color, color and more color!

Get ready to say goodbye to all-white interiors and hello to bursts of bold color and pops of rich, saturated hues. From paint colors to upholstery, interior designs are expected to get less minimal and more vibrant while energetically reflecting each homeowner’s specific personality. Painted accent walls, in particular, are forecasted to surge in popularity. We’re looking forward to seeing the Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, a crimson shade that “vibrates with vim and vigor,” infiltrating chic interiors alongside other warm nature-inspired tones, such as chestnut, coral, apricot and orange.

Simple living room with bright pink wall paint, matching pink couch and light hardwood floors.
Featuring the Pantone Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

2. Gallery walls add personality and interest.

Whether filled with photographs or artwork, a gallery wall arrangement allows homeowners to add a uniquely personal focal point to any room. While a perfectly symmetrical placement of identical frames adds a soothing balance, a hodge-podge of mismatched art in varied styles is the perfect way to incorporate a bit of drama while highlighting a tightly curated or wildly sentimental collection.

3. Bespoke craftsmanship and sustainability influence furniture trends.

Spurred by environmental concerns, a thirst for individualism and nostalgia for handcrafted quality, mass-market furnishings are diminishing in popularity. Furnishings in 2023 will instead trend toward high-quality, bespoke pieces and lovingly restored thrifted and vintage finds. Check Instagram, and you’ll find your feed inundated with DIY ideas and upcycled pieces, especially restored and painted wood objects that rival any discount store offering.

Neutral-painted bedroom with vintage-inspired decor including a chandelier, bed, two night stands and lamps.

4. Curved and rounded edges make a comeback.

While contemporary, minimalist interior design often conjures up razor-sharp edges and arrow-straight lines, a softer, cozier approach to interior design styles will enjoy a revival in 2023. Look for curves, arcs and bends in furniture, hardware, light fixtures and even walls in the months to come. Led by a resurgence of Art Deco inspiration — an interior design style known for its elegantly curved motifs — the return to round adds loads of dimension and personality to homes.

Photo of neutral wall with rounded entry table, candles, and round mirror.

5. Bringing the outdoors in is still in.

A passion for houseplants that was surging even before the pandemic reached dizzying heights when our homes became our full-time sanctuaries. Today, greenery is still front and center in home décor, but in addition to the lush tropical plants that have ruled the day recently, cacti and other succulents are finding their place in today’s home design schemes. Look for plants with great textures, shapes and unexpected colors to double down on the other curvy and colorful 2023 trends.

Several plants sitting on desk with natural light from window flooding in.

The beauty of home decorating is that you’re free to adopt or eschew the latest trends as you see fit. Take inspiration and adapt the ideas to make them uniquely your own. After all, isn’t that the beauty of owning a home?

If you find yourself in need of a talented designer, we’d love to share recommendations from our extensive list of preferred vendors. Of course, if the new year means a new home, we’d love to help with that as well. Contact us today for home buying options.