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How To Prepare Your Home for Winter in Kansas City


How To Prepare Your Home for Winter in Kansas City

Tips for Prepping Your Home for Winter

Whether you like the cold or not, nobody wants the Kansas City winter weather in their home. Here are some tips to prepare your home for winter!

Clean out your chimney

Everyone loves to settle down by a nice warm fire in the winter. This can’t be done until you make sure your chimney is cleaned out. A clean chimney helps prevent home fires. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to, you’ll feel a lot safer knowing that this has been done and it’s essential to preparing for winter.

Beautiful home interior with tile, holiday decor  and fireplace on in new luxury home

Reverse your ceiling fans

This is a common tip that tends to be forgotten. In the summer, you’ll want the fan blades moving counter-clockwise to push cooler air downwards. In the winter, the fan blades should be moving clockwise to create an updraft and push warm air from the ceiling down to the room. Flipping the reverse switch on your ceiling fan is crucial to keep it from getting too cool.

Shut down the sprinkler system

No more need for the sprinkler system. Drain your system to avoid freezing that can cause damage. This will help your system be in perfect condition when you start it back up in the spring. You should wait to shut down the sprinkler system until it’s about to reach below freezing to avoid damage to the system.

Clean out your gutters 

Get your gutters ready for the Kansas City winter! By doing a clean out of your gutters you will protect the interior and exterior of your home. Any water that is trapped by mud and debris can freeze in the gutters, damaging your home. This task isn’t too difficult, but if it’s not for you, gutter cleaning service is a great option.

A close up of a rain gutter filled with fall leaves.

Restock on winter essentials

Stocking up early is the way to go. By purchasing salt or ice melt ahead of time, you’ll be ready to clear your sidewalk and driveway when those Kansas City winter storms hit. Getting stocked up on firewood is also a great idea.

Insulate your windows

Insulating your windows not only keeps your home warmer, but it saves you money on your electricity bill. This can easily be done yourself with insulation film, weather-stripping tape, and caulk.

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