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Why Using Professional Photography For Your Listing Matters


Why Using Professional Photography For Your Listing Matters

You may already know that photography is important when it comes to selling your home. But it’s the quality of your photos that matters and how your potential  buyers perceive them. We are here to tell you why using professional photography for your listing truly matters and how it helps immensely when it comes to selling your home.

Buyers do their research before they start to really focus on specific listings. They know their price point, the area they want to be in, the size of the home etc. So once they narrow down their search the next thing for them to look into is what the home looks like. This is where photos become very important. Using professional photography can make your home stand out more than others.

Person holding photos of the interior of a home

What else do your professional photos do for your listing? It helps your home sell faster. Realtors that use professional photography for their listings have been shown to sell that home 32% faster! It’s that easy. These photos can also increase the value of your home. Homes in the $200,000-$1 million range that use professional photography can sell for $3,000-$11,000 more

There is a lot that goes into professional photography that you can’t tell from first glance. Professional photos have been adjusted to make sure that they look realistic. They bring color balance to the pics so that the room appears the same as it would in person. Photographers also have an eye to make sure that the space doesn’t seem smaller than it actually is. 

 interior of a kitchen with white tile and dark cabinets

Professional photographers now commonly use drones to capture amazing photos of the exterior of your home. This is a perfect way to show the lot of your home. It also shows the area of your home. Do you have parks nearby or any kind of neighborhood amenities? Drone shots can show your potential buyers those.

aerial photo of a home with a swimming pool

Professional photos bring beauty to your home that can vividly show off all the features. If you’ve spent time making improvements on your home, then professional photos are going to make those improvements stand out!

So all of this sounds great, right? But you may be nervous about the cost of professional photography. No worries. We provide professional photography for you from some of our favorite local professionals in Kansas City. They will make your home shine within the language of photography. Learn more about how the Malfer & Associates team can help you sell your home.

interior of a living room inside a home