Home offices became an essential part of 2020, due to staying at home more. Here are 5 of some of the most popular home office trends. 

1. Minimalist office space

Most home offices are equipped with the basics: a desk, chair, and some sort of storage space. By keeping it simple, this can help you keep yourself organized and maintain a clean look in your office space. This also is a great choice for people who get distracted easily.

2. Turning the guest room into an office space

A year with less traveling led to the guest room not being used as often. This encouraged people to transform their guest rooms into office spaces. This also got people to find ways to make it still accommodating for guests by adding daybeds or pull out sofas.

3. Adding a secondary seating area

Filing cabinets aren’t as necessary as they used to be since everything is on your computer. This can free up some space in some office spaces which becomes a great opportunity to add a secondary seating area like a comfortable chair to read or work in.


4. More lighting

Natural lighting is the best way to light up your office space, but not every office space can provide that or enough of it. Adding multiple sources of lighting can be the perfect way to brighten up your space. Adding a desk lamp, some sconces, or a chandelier can make your office space more pleasing.

5. Additional storage

Built-in storage became more of a trend in 2020. Office supplies can take up a lot of space and make your office area look messier. By adding more storage, this helps minimize clutter and keeps your space looking cleaner.




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