Tis the home decorating season! This time of year is filled with holiday joy, and, let’s be honest – a little bit of stress. If you are selling your home, it can get even trickier. Check out these tips for help gift wrapping your home for potential buyers.

On the First Day, They Staged
Before you begin to think about holiday decorations, if you have not already, you need to get your home staged for selling. In short, staging your home means completing the following:

  1. Clear out the clutter
  2. Set the mood with lighting
  3. Make it neutral
  4. Limit the personal items
  5. Keep it clean
  6. Highlight great features
  7. Balance curb appeal and maintenance
  8. Utilize every space
  9. Make it match the neighborhood

Read more about home staging here, and then give us a call to discuss our complimentary home staging services.

Make it Minimally Merry
Have you ever walked into someone’s home and it looked as if a glitter bomb went off? Every surface is stuffed with cheer and you have no idea where to look first, let alone are you able to view the actual features of the house. Take a minimalist approach to interior merriment by keeping the joy contained to key areas such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Celebrate and Accentuate
Make your decorations work double duty by using them to highlight unique features of your home. Do you have a large fireplace with a beautiful mantle? Hang decorative stockings or create a stunning wreath display. What about that grand staircase? Try wrapping garland around the handrails to showcase the curves.

The opposite impact can happen, though, if you overdo the decorations. For example, it may be tempting to place your tree in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. But you would be blocking both the natural light and the ability to see just how beautiful those windows are in the space. In fact, try to stay away from any interior window decor entirely – unless there is a well-placed candle on the window sill.

Peace, Joy, and Appropriate Decor Size
You may love your oversized rooftop Santa working his way down the chimney, but prospective buyers may not. In fact, it might just be all they see. The same can be said about decorations throughout the interior of your home. Stick with this simple idea: If it makes the space around it feel smaller, get rid of it. This rule applies to wall decor, tabletop decor, front porch displays, and everything in between.

Stay in Spirited Style
Approach your holiday decorating minimally. That means if your walls, furniture, and general decor use earth tones – or any color scheme that contains some brown – then you want to stick with holiday decorations that include golds, reds, and greens using the same warm base color. On the other side, if you generally use cooler colors like blues, grays and greens, use holiday decor that leans silver, white, and dark blue.

Do Not Overdo the Silver Bells and Whistles
We all love to drive by those homes that are lit up from eave to eave with lights and displays. Buyers cannot see the actual details of your home if they are a variety of colorful lights. When it comes to exterior decorating, apply all the above tips. That means neutral lighting that complements your exterior color, appropriately sized displays, and accentuating key features. A perfectly proportioned wreath on the front door and a themed welcome mat will add the perfect touches.

Make Their Nose Glow with Good Scents
Light holiday smells can invite the senses of prospective buyers. A few well-placed candles in areas such as the bathroom, master bedroom, and entry room will do the trick. Pay attention to the candle holder, as well. No clashing candles; keep the style of the candle in line with the rest of your decor.

Selling your home during the holidays can be completed with careful additions to the décor to make your home feel warm and inviting and give prospective buyers a peek into the home’s holiday potential. For the perfect helpers to guide you through the holiday selling process, put Malfer & Associates on your list! We are Kansas City’s premier home seller!



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